Commercial Outdoor Lighting

While we do not have electricians on staff, we can design, install, manage, and repair low-voltage landscape lighting systems. From older, existing systems to newer, state-of-the-art systems, we install both traditional incandescent and LED fixtures.

We encourage customers to use LED systems—whose warmth and quality of light has greatly improved in recent years—because of reliability, energy efficiency, lifecycle longevity, and cost-savings. When it comes to the lifecycle cost of a lighting system, LEDs are by far the smartest investment.

These benefits translate into a commercial system’s practical uses, including illuminating dimly lit areas and walking paths, increasing security in parking lots, eliminating trip hazards, or accenting a prominent feature of a building or landscape.

 We services entrances, pool areas, tennis courts, gazebos, playground areas, parking areas, garages, and more. The right lighting invites clients and customers, sets your property apart, and offers users an engaging and safe atmosphere. 


About Our Process

Our outdoor lighting services include the retrofitting of existing systems as well as new commercial outdoor lighting solutions. Using our carefully researched and developed LED light fixtures and transformers, we offer lighting design, installation, and maintenance of customized low voltage systems for commercial clients. We also offer solar LEDs with panels that are well suited for remote areas.

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