Poinsettia Hanging Baskets



Poinsettias are traditional Christmas flowering plants that will last throughout the Christmas season. They have long-lasting flowers and Poinsettia bracts remain showy for several months. To ensure growth beyond the Christmas season, cut back the plant in February or early March. Cutting back the plant will cause the buds to grow and develop. Fertilize every two weeks and water only when dry for maximum growth.

  • Poinsettia with decorative beaded hanging basket brings a festive feel to your home
  • Thrives in mild temperatures with 6+ hours of indirect light, so it’s perfect for window sills and sunny indoor areas
  • Moist, but not overly wet, soil will keep this plant blooming in fall and winter, so you can enjoy it throughout the holiday season
  • Star-like flowers with bold green foliage make this plant a lovely addition to your holiday decorations
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